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The most important thing while selecting any kind of boys suits is the fit, and in order to get perfect fitting it is important to measure your child in advance before buying. Taking the measurements of your child properly will ensure he has proper fit, and that means the suit will eventually help your child look in his best and feel comfortable.

Measuring becomes more important in the cases when you’re ordering online from a website, especially to prevent wrong sizes being delivered. If you can measure your child sleeves, neck and shoulder size, then purchasing online becomes much easier and risk-free.

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How to dress for prom night

Back in the good old days it was called the school dance, but as time evolves we've taken on a number of American traditions in the UK and one thing that hasn't escaped the attention of the younger generation is what used to be called the school dance. Now it's called Prom. The pressure is on to look right for proms because it's one of the most talked about events of the whole year. Who's going with who, what everyone will wear and where everyone will continue afterwards is a topics that discussed on and off through the school day. Nothing can make things more stressful than not knowing what to wear for prom night…. girls have it easier than the guys but then there is the question of what is the right choice for that all important evening.


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Summer and kids


Whilst many families usually have at least one fashion trend setter at home who tries to have their own style most children don't really care about what they wear. For many, its a comfort factor and for the parents wearing light clothing that is protective against summers' damaging rays is top priority important. As such, light, colourful, easy to wear and loose protective clothing is the way to go.


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As SIRRI grows so does our loyal customer base. Jared Carr is a 12 year old young man who is going places. As an avid golf player he has spent much time on the green and with his amount of work and dedication, this young man has the right attitude to life.  From what we can see he has a healthy life balance for his age. As a rising golf star, he is also taking steps towards a life of philanthropy. Contributing to a celebrity auction weekend, Jared participated in a celebrity golf tournament in Tampa, Florida held by the Derek Brooks charities.

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Preparing your home for winter is an important annual ritual for homeowners and for those who live in a cold climate know that winter can really take its toll on a house. This winter take all the necessary precautions before winter sets in so you can keep warm and of course, save some money along the way. If you follow these winter home care tips you will be well on your way to giving maximum care, which can save on future maintenance bills.

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Nothing is better than having a family holiday but if they’re not planned out well, then it can be a nightmare from beginning to end. They are important times to take into consideration with the needs and wants of all family members. Family holidays are valued by children, both in the moment and for many years afterwards in their memory’. Make those memories more special by planning in advance, taking into account time, money and for any unexpected things that can mean a change of plans.

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Now that mornings and nights are chilly it’s always important to keep a check on children’s wear throughout the winter months.  Layers are important just as much as the quality of the layers too. What to buy and how to build your child’s wardrobe for the winter months is a very common question amongst parents but if you stick to a number of essentials as well as layers then it will a lot easier to pick and choose according to the weather changes during this season.

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The way you wear a tie knot robably never crossed your mind – look past the colour, pattern and texture. We have a selection of tie knots for you so look no further. 

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With the school year well under way, it goes without saying that your child will spend a lot more time indoors studying during the school terms. With most of the learning taking place outside of the classroom creating the right environment is critical. Below is a few things to take into consideration when creating a study environment for your student. 

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With a well-rounded vacation that has come to an end it is hard to believe that summer has come and gone already. Before you know it thousands of parents just like you are now faced with the challenge of getting back into the school routine. You want your child to hit the ground running academically this school year, then it’s time to retrain their brain.

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