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  1. Boys Tweed Navy Blue Slim Fit Casual 5-Piece Complete Suit Set
    À partir de 64,99 £GB
  2. Couche Tot Boys Grey Wool Tweed 4 Piece Suit Set
    À partir de 44,99 £GB
  3. Kids Navy Blue Tweed with Brown Check 4 Piece Suit by Couche Tot
    À partir de 49,99 £GB
  4. Couche Tot 4 Piece Summer Linen Suit in Navy Blue and Beige
    À partir de 39,99 £GB
  5. Doctor Junior Boys Navy Blue Wool Blazer with Navy Chino Suit Set
    À partir de 71,99 £GB
  6. Doctor Junior Boys Black Slim Fit Casual Dress Suit Set
    À partir de 58,99 £GB
  7. Doctor Junior Boys Green and Grey Slim Fit Casual Dress Suit
    À partir de 57,99 £GB
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Produits 1-18 sur 21

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Casual - Regular Fit Suits for Boys

Regular-fit suits for men: great classic fit for all situations

Suits are just one of those items that never go out of fashion and a well-fitted suit is an essential part of a gentleman’s wardrobe. It is a part of every lifestyle and is a must-have for special occasions and an essential for official events. On every occasion, you can show off your impeccable taste with a clean-cut suit. At SIRRI we take into account changing trends when we are designing our suit collection. We have a variety of styles that you can choose as well as suits in different colours and textures depending on your needs.  Our diverse range and versatile suits are ideal for those special occasions but we also have suits that you can use for everyday office wear. The final design that you see of our suits are evidence of the current on-trend style and are ideal for making that all-important first impression at business meetings, celebrations and weddings.

The right style ideally is a suit that is in harmony with the body shape of the one wearing the outfit. It is often the case that sometimes the jacket and trouser sizes are not identical and that’s ok.  Make your own combination either with an edgy modern look that is a combination of the jacket and trousers, or go classic if you choose to add a waistcoat. Our well-designed jackets, as well as our trousers, are versatile and the colour scheme for our suits have been carefully coordinated with each other. This way you can guarantee that the mix and match combinations will match in both shape and colour and that the deviations are minimal. Even if you already have a jacket or vest in your closet, for example, you can still find a suitable suit in the SIRRI store that will add another handy alternative to your wardrobe.

Among other things, high-quality materials such as new wool or viscose are used in the manufacture of our suits. The further development in terms of comfort took a new turn when aesthetics was successfully combined with functionality. Our regular-fit suits for men are made from light, breathable, hard-wearing and low-wrinkle materials that not only offer a good fit, but also functional added value. This way, you get a versatile suit that fits every situation and embodies your style too.

Regular-fit suits: comfortable cut for a guaranteed good fit

Thanks to their comfortable and classic cut, the regular-fit suits have a modern, classic and true-to-size fit. Designed to be a little looser and more generous than slim fit, regular fit suits allow for a more flattering and comfortable suit. The cut gives you more freedom of movement and is an elegant style suitable for all body types. Since such suits are more forgiving in design, they promise comfortable wearing and well-being. The longevity is guaranteed thanks to a durable, dimensionally stable design. All in all, regular-fit suits are ideal for those who wish to have a more traditionally tailored suit. If you are looking for a suit for a sleek overall appearance, this is a sharply cut suit that has a polished silhouette. A regular fit suit is a classic that is not only versatile but it's “looser” style has cemented a permanent place in men’s fashion. At SIRRI our men’s suits are well-designed pieces that can cater to your needs no matter what the occasion.

Different combinations with a wide range of colours

For a classic suit, you can combine a matching and stylish dress shirt with tie and classic leather lace-up shoes. Important accessories such as pocket squares can also enhance your outfit. With interesting details such as pockets and breast welt pockets, a flap pocket, subtle shoulder pad and vents in the back to help easy movement - little factors that can make a big difference to the way a suit sits on your body. For an after-work event ditch the tie, unbutton the first button and you’re set for the evening. 

A business casual day also calls for a stylish look at work. Leave out the tie and replace the trousers with some great chinos. Chinos are great for business and pleasure and keeping the jacket makes this a semi-formal outfit perfect for work. They can be a slim fit or regular fit but make sure you choose a tone that complements your jacket. Under the jacket, go for a casual sweater like a  quarter-zip mock and your smart casual look is complete. 

Another way to wear the regular fit suit is to just use the blazer as a separate item. Wear the blazer over a good pair of denim jeans coupled with some desert boots. Wear layers if you need to, especially for in-between seasons like Spring or Fall. A handy item is to wear a popover hoodie with a t-shirt and you’ve got an individual look all on its own. Another way to wear the suit is to wear it as a casual combination with the entire suit minus the dress shirt. A t-shirt with a round neck or V-cut worn over sneakers without socks is also a great idea. Such a mixture is ideal for casual occasions and for going out at the weekend to stand out from the crowd. Because you create an elegant, stylish and refined impression. At SIRRI we offer suits in classic grey, blue and navy blue, but we can also find different shades of grey and brown any of these dress ideas can easily be achieved with suits

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