Tips and Trends for Boys' Shoes

They take part in every adventure

Has your offspring grown again? Then new boys' shoes should be here soon! Because the men of tomorrow need sturdy and reliable footwear that can withstand a lot: romping around, running and climbing is only half as much fun with the wrong shoes on. You will find all the important tips here to help you choose the right couple for your son, grandchild or little buddy.

Which materials offer which advantages?

Leather, plastic or textile - there is a wide range of materials for boys' shoes. If you know the advantages of the different surfaces of the shoes, the choice will be easier for you:

Synthetic shoes

Resistant and durable - this is what distinguishes boys' plastic shoes. The surface and the lining can be made of polyester, for example. Weatherproof shoes are usually equipped with waterproof or waterproof plastic layers. Often times, plastic shoes can simply be washed in the washing machine.


The classic material for shoes. Leather can also be very durable, and its breathability also creates a pleasant foot climate. However, leather needs to be cared for well. If it gets too dry, cracks can appear. Simply wipe smooth leather with a damp cloth and then grease the shoe thoroughly.


Jeans or canvas make summer shoes pleasant companions for your offspring, as the air can circulate well and there is less risk of sweaty feet. Light colors can look dirty more quickly in everyday life than dark ones, but here, too, you can either clean the fabric selectively with water or wash the shoes in the machine on a gentle cycle.

The right closure for all ages

Most children cannot safely tie shoelaces until they are pre-school. Until then, so that your child does not have to rely on the help of others, you can buy boys' shoes with Velcro fasteners or shoes that you can slip on. After that, it is up to you and your offspring to choose which closure you choose.

Small feet need space

With small children, the shoe size changes constantly - check regularly that the shoes have not become too small unnoticed. Children's shoes should have at least 12 mm of space to the front. So the foot has enough space to roll and move. It can also grow without the shoe becoming too small again too quickly. For this it is all the more important that the shoe encloses the ball of the foot well so that it offers the foot a secure hold.

Tip: Use the details given in the respective product description as a guide. You can also use the children's size chart to determine the correct shoe size before ordering.

Find the right boys shoes

Your child carries boys' shoes through everyday life, across sports fields and playgrounds: They are an important part of the equipment. Use these tips to find the right pair:

  • What kind of shoe does a boy need? Select the footwear according to the occasion and the weather, the look is of secondary importance. Winter shoes should be warm and waterproof, summer shoes light and air-permeable. For special occasions it can also be a leather shoe.

  • How do you care for boys' shoes so that they last a long time? You can make leather and textile shoes water-repellent with an impregnation spray. Make sure that the shoes are thoroughly dry inside and out before they are worn again.

  • At what age is which closure the best choice? Until preschool you have to tie your boy's shoelaces yourself, after which he'll probably be able to do it himself soon. But before that you can also use Velcro fasteners.

  • Make sure that the shoe is not too small. It should leave at least 12 mm of clearance to the front - room to move and grow.